Examination Rules

Continuous assessment of the student is done by the department through regular tests, seminars, projects and assignments. The marks secured by the students in

these assessment are taken into consideration at the time of sending up the students for the final examination. The Examination Committee's decision in this

regard is final and binding. Job training, projects, Study tours and field work are essential requirements of a number of degree programmers.


Examination Rules :


1. All Students must appear in all the examinations conducted by the college during an academic year.

2. All Students who is unwell may be permitted to avail of the sick room facility during an examination.

3. The following examinations are conducted by the college during an academic year.

            Class                                                               Examinations:

                          TDC I,II,III,IV,V,VI                                     Sessional Examination, as per GU guideline.

4. For the TDC course Eligibility for appearing in the final examinations will be decided on the basis of their regularity in the classes and performance in the tests conducted by the concerned department with percentage of attendance.


5. For all college examinations, pass marks, as laid down by Gauhati University will be taken as the standard. Relaxation, if any , will be decided by the examination committee for the finalization of the result of the Test Examination .


6. Whether or not the Names of the Students who have not appeared in the sessional Exm and the Terminal Examinations can be decided by the Examination Committee. The decision of the Examination Committee in this regards will be final.

Regulation of TDC Semester System & With Choice Based Credited Grading System :

1. A TDC shall be of Six semesters covering three Calendar Year. The Schedule for Semester system shall be as shown below :

a) First, Third and Fifth Semester : June - 16 to Dec - 31

( including examinations)


b) Second, Fourth and Sixth Semester : January - 1 to June - 15

( including examination )


c) Semester Break : July - 1 to July - 31

2. Students Performance should be monitored throughout the Semester by continouos assessment in the theory and practical courses. Evaluation of the

Students performances in each of the theory and practical paper will be based on the following :

Internal Evaluation : 20% Marks

External Evaluation : 80% Marks

3. Internal Evaluation should be based on two sessional examination, home assignments, seminars and library ws in each semester.


4. External Evaluation should be through a final examination at the end of the examination.


5. The pass marks in each theory paper is 30% and that in each practical paper is 40%


6. In each paper, students must secure pass marks in both the internal as well as the external evaluation separetly.


7. A Student who could not appear or failed in any semester examination will be allowed to clear the same as follows.

a) First semester with the regular Third Semester examination.

b) Second Semester with the Regular Fourth semester examination.

c) Third Semester with the regular fifth Semester examination.

d) Fourth Semester with the regular Sixth Semester examination.


8. A Student may be allowed to "Repeat" any one of the theory paper in the first, Second, Third and Fourth Semester and may be allowed "betterment"

of marks in one paper in the Fifth Semester , provided the students secures less than 45% marks in that paper.


9. No "Repeat" /"Betterment" shall be allowed in the practical examination in any semester.


10. A Student must pass all his Semester examination, including "repeat" and "Betterment" chances within six yers from the date of admission

to the First Semester Course.


11. Since the Semester involve continuous assessment there would be no scope for a student to appear as a private candidate if any subject.


Attendance of Lecture:

Attendance of students at the lectures will be watched/observed very strictly. if a stuudent remain absent for a single lecture, he

will be treated as absent for the whole day. According to the rules prescribed by the Gauhati University, the minimum attendance, required to

be kept by the students, is 75% of the total number of working days i.e. the days on which lectures are held. Each student must keep the minimum

attendance as prescribed the university and Council.


Grant of Terms :

Admission to each academic year is a fresh one . The question of grant of term will be decided on the basis of the following factors :


* Attendance in general classes.

* Attedance in tutorial Classes.

* Performance at unit testss, terminal examination.

* Test examination, and University examinations.

* General conduct of the student in the class and outside the class.

* Full payment of all fees due.


Academic Session :

The academic session of the college usually begins in July.


Medium of Instruction :

The Medium of Instruction is Assmese and English in both pass courses and major courses.

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