Student Welfare

Student life is an integral part of college education as it offers students unique opportunities for personal growth, as well as for the development of leadership and communication skills. At the same time it provides opportunities for cooperation, teamwork, social interaction and intercultural understanding. The aim is to help students acquire skills and qualities that will help them cope and excel in life after graduation.

Our aim at Dhamdhama Anchalik College is to provide an environment that fosters student confidence, courtesy, friendship and tolerance. To achieve this the student welfare program provides structures that encourage positive attitudes and behaviors. The welfare of all students is of primary importance to all staff at Dhamdhama Anchalik College.

The student welfare program provides assistance to student's who are identified as facing difficulties either at home or at school; academic, emotional, physical or social. With the assistance of our psychologist and speech therapist we work with parents and staff to assess each student in our program as an individual, determine their needs and endeavor to assist them to achieve their potential.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Dhamdhama Anchalik College is the way in which each student is treated with care and respect. This forms the basis of all student welfare work in the College.

Also we have Student's Aid scheme and Under this Scheme, the college gives financial help to the students belonging to lower income group for purchasing books,payment of examination fees etc. Good behavior, regularity in attendance,performance in the examination is taken into consideration in this matter. Moreover the principal has the right to recover such payment in case the above mentioned conditions are later found to be false or unsatisfactory.

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